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2017 Vice Chair

2017 Vice Chair

Jim Campbell (RCSW)

I have been a social worker for most of my career with the Provincial Government and the Regional Health Authorities. I am a Registered Clinical Social Worker (RCSW), with Bachelor and Master in Social Work from the University of British Columbia, a Certificate in Health Care Administration from the University of Saskatchewan College of Commerce, and currently a PhD student in Health Sciences at the University of Northern BC.

My work has taken me to all five regions of the Province with MCFD and the Health Authorities. Having worked in Vancouver’s urban core, Victoria’s policy headquarters, Fraser’s suburban communities, Interior and Northern centres, in community settings and hospitals, plus rural and remote communities; provides me with a range of practices to draw from when contextualizing clinical situations.

I have experience in most areas and levels of social work practice; from front-line case work, to supervision, research, policy development, university lecturer; plus administration and strategic planning at executive, provincial and national levels.