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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The legal right to use the title Registered Social Worker (RSW) or Registered Clinical Social Worker (RCSW)
  • Recognition that you are a responsible professional, capable of practising within professional standards and accountable to the public and your peers
  • The right to run as a candidate for the BCCSW Board
  • The ability to vote for social work candidates on the College Board
  • The opportunity to volunteer on College committees together with other experienced professionals in social work

No. You are not eligible to apply for registration until you have completed the requirements of your degree.

The College does not have an installment plan.

No. The BCCSW only requires an official transcript of the highest level social work degree you have obtained.

If you obtain an advanced degree after you are registered, arrange for an official transcript to be sent to us and we will update our records.

If the transcript is in an envelope sealed by the educational institution, the BCCSW will accept it.

We will accept a letter of completion sent directly to the BCCSW from your university confirming that you have completed all the requirements for your social work degree. We still require an official transcript after convocation.

All applicants of the BCCSW are required to undergo a criminal record check in accordance to the Criminal Records Review Act. Included with your application is a ‘Consent to a Criminal Record Check’ form which gives the BCCSW consent to request the criminal record check on your behalf.

Applicants must also go to their local police detachment (RCMP or city police) and request a criminal record check. You do not need to bring any forms with you, the police have all the necessary forms at the detachment.

If an applicant has lived/worked in another country, they are required to provide a criminal record check from that country. There are exceptions, please contact the BCCSW at [email protected] or call 604-737-4916 to discuss your particular situation.

The Canadian Association of Social Work Education accredits Canadian programs. A complete list can be found HERE.

The Council of Social Work Education accredits programs in the USA. A complete list can be found HERE.

Yes. Applicants educated in countries other than Canada and the USA must arrange for a basic report from one of the credential evaluation service providers approved by the College’s Registration Committee.

These approved credential evaluation service providers verify the legitimacy of the degree and university and provides the BCCSW with the Canadian equivalent.

Once the BCCSW has received the report, the College then evaluates the social work content of the degree.

You may need to submit evidence regarding the content of your social work courses, including program and course outlines.

No. The Ministry is an exempt employer as defined in the Social Workers Regulation. However, many MCFD social workers become registered as it demonstrates commitment to the profession and accountability of their actions.

No. Any RSW or RCSW may engage in private practice provided he/she purchases liability insurance as prescribed bythe College Bylaws in section 68  for RSWs or section 42 (2)(h) (vii) for RCSWs.

Registration is not directly transferrable, you are still required to complete the BCCSW application package.

The BCCSW will accept a photocopy of your official transcript from your current regulatory body when they complete the “Verification of Registration/Licensure form’ which is part of the application.

Please see a summary of the differences between membership with the BCASW and registration with the BCCSW here.

Under the Social Workers Act (, BCCSW’s statutory duties are to serve and protect the public; and to act in the public interest when exercising its powers, functions and responsibilities.

The College is unable to provide direction on specific circumstances.  As such, the College is unable to pre-approve any particular element of the clinical application package prior to the completed package being submitted to Registration Services.

The following may assist with your decision-making:

  1. Please take the time to closely read the information under Application to Become a Registered Clinical Social Worker (RCSW)
  2. Please remember that clinical registration reflects advanced practice competencies.  This is reflected in the minimum education requirement of an MSW.  The College strongly recommends that all course work reflect this minimum educational requirement.
  3. Please read “Obtaining Clinical Supervision References” and “Professional Practice Considerations When Changing Registration Classes From RSW to RCSW’ in College-Conversation-Issue-17-Spring-2021-1.pdf (
  4. Please read “Professional Practice Considerations When Supervising an RCSW Applicant” in College-Conversation-Issue-16-Winter-2020.pdf (
  5. Ensure the Human Behaviour and Development course covers birth to death from a social work perspective/biopsychosocial perspective.
  6. Ensure the Assessment and Diagnosis course includes practising assessment and diagnosis using the DSM5.
  7. Ensure the Psychotherapy and Clinical Practice course includes evidence-based approaches and includes observation and feedback of your interviewing skills.
  8. Please note that you may be asked to provide proof of practising the skills in each course listed (e.g. graded papers or written feedback from your instructor) if this is not clear in the course description and/or syllabus.
  9. Please read ASWB’s Content Outline for the Clinical Examination.
  10. Please read ASWB Exam Guidebook.