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Registration Reviews & Decisions

Registration Reviews

Applicants who have been denied registration have the right to know why this decision was made. When denying an application for registration, the Registrar fully explains the reasons in a letter sent by registered post to the applicant. If the applicant has any questions about the reasoning regarding the decision to deny registration, they are encouraged to contact the College.

An applicant who was denied registration for one of the following reasons defined in section 13(2) of the Social Workers Act, may apply in writing to the Registration Committee for a review of the Registrar’s decision:

  • if the applicant’s registration or licensure to practice social work in any jurisdiction has been cancelled or suspended
  • An investigation into the applicant’s practice in BC or another jurisdiction is under way and it could result in limitations or cancellation in their license to practice
  • The applicant has quit their registration to avoid an investigation into their practice
  • The applicant has been convicted of an indictable offence.

They must request this review within 30 days of receiving notice of the refusal. If the applicant is adversely affected by the decision of the Registration Committee, they may request, in writing, a further review be conducted by the Registration Appeals Committee.

Applicants who were refused registration for any reason other than those identified in section 13(2) of the Act can request a judicial review of this decision.

Historical Registration Decisions issued by the former Board of Registration are published here anonymously and may be helpful to applicants in understanding what qualifications are required for registration with the College.
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