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About Pearson Vue Test centres

The licensure exam is administered in Pearson Vue testing centers. Candidates can view  the professional centres on the Pearson Vue site. Candidates are strongly encouraged to view the tour so that they may become familiar with the layout and protocols.  This includes information about the palm vein security protocol.

What is the palm vein scan?

As part of the security for the exam, every candidate must prove identity and provide a scan of the veins in their hand. This information is used to validate identity in the event of a retest and to protect the integrity of the exam. Concerns have been raised about identity theft, misuse of the information and violations of federal or provincial privacy legislation. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada issued a ruling in 2011 in relation to the collection and use of palm vein biometrics for the GMAT exam, which is similar to the Social Work exam and which Pearson VUE administers. The ruling includes the OPC’s findings concerning GMAC’s use of the palm vein technology in terms of compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).