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CPD Info

CPD Info

Continuing Professional Development

Important Changes to the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program Starting 2023 CPD Cycle

  • With COVID-19 pandemic restrictions having eased and a wider variety of CPD opportunities being made available again, the College has restored the ‘maximum allowable hours’ requirement that was in place pre-pandemic. meaning that the maximum allowable hours for the following categories of activity are now set to 15 again starting the 2023 CPD cycle: self-directed, work-based, professional, formal/educational, and other. The purpose of having the maximum allowable hours of 15 in most categories of activity is to ensure that registrants diversity their methods of learning when meeting the yearly 40-hour requirement. With this requirement restored, registrants will now only be credited up to a maximum of 15 hours in the aforementioned categories of activity even when they claim more than 15 hours in those categories. Please keep this change in mind when completing your CPD starting the 2023 CPD cycle.

Yearly completion of the CPD program is a requirement for all practising registrants with the College. The CPD cycle begins on November 1st and ends on October 31st of each year.

Registrants create goals and undertake activities from a variety of learning categories during the cycle; these goals and activities are documented using the online CPD system. Completed CPD submissions – consisting of registrants’ goals, activities and a brief, reflective ‘Statement on Learning’ – are due by the end of each cycle on October 31st.

New to CPD? Click HERE for the basics, including an instructional video.

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