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CPD Submission Instructions

CPD Submission Instructions

Listed below are instructions for submitting CPD:

1. LOG IN to the Registrant Services Portal on BCCSW’s website and click ‘CPD’ on the left side of the screen.

2. Click ‘Goals & Activities’ and ADD A GOAL or goals by clicking the ‘Add Goal’ button.

* Note that two goals are already created: ‘Ethical Component’ and ‘Learning Plan’.

  • The ‘Ethical Component’ is a mandatory goal requiring you to complete a minimum of three hours of activities per CPD cycle pertaining to ethics.
  • The ‘Learning Plan’ goal credits you with six self-directed hours of activity as CPD credit in recognition of the reflective practice required to plan and document your goals and learning activities. You are not required to do anything specifically for the ‘Learning Plan’.

3. Once you have saved your goals, ADD AN ACTIVITY using the ‘Add Activity’ button. Hours can be logged for each activity. Note that there are six ‘Categories of Learning’ which your activities can belong to. All of them except for ‘Degree, diploma, certificate program or licensure exam’ have a maximum of 15 allowable hours. This means that – unless you are a current student, new grad, or wrote the licensure exam during the CPD cycle – you will need activities from a minimum of three different categories to satisfy the program’s requirements.

4. Once you have added your goals and activities you will write a short STATEMENT ON LEARNING. Click ‘Statement on Learning’ under ‘CPD’ on the left side menu. A window will open in which you can compose a brief (<650 words) reflection on the effect of your activities on your professional practice. Save your work!

5. When you are satisfied with your entries, it’s time to SUBMIT. Select ‘Submit to College’ from the menu to complete the process. Click the box declaring your submission’s verity and compliance with the College’s CPD Standards. When satisfied with your submission hit the final ‘Submit’ button and Bob’s your uncle!