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2022 British Columbia College of Social Workers Board Member Election Results

The following individuals have been elected as members of the BC College of Social Workers Board:

Lori Bull, RSW
Deborah Jones, RCSW
Jason Lam, RSW
Jenny Morgan, RSW

Thank you to all the candidates for their willingness to serve the College in its mandate of protecting the public.

Brendan Barlow, RSW
Diana Baskier, RSW
Lisa Birch, RSW
Rebecca Fiddler, RSW
Christine Jenner, RSW
Tanille Johnston, RSW
Melanie Lansall, RSW
Trevor Moyah, RSW
Candace Nicholas, RSW
Sheila Nyman, RSW
James Staton, RSW
Ferne Strain, RSW
Dawn Styran, RSW
Kathleen Westergaard, RSW
Rebecca Withers, RSW
Hannah Zalmanowitz, RSW