Residential School and Indigenous-Specific Racism Statement: READ HERE – College Anti-Racism Statement: READ HERE


BC College of Social Workers extends Respect, Dignity and Healing

The information and material in this statement may trigger unpleasant feelings or thoughts of past abuse. If you require emotional support, please contact the 24-hour Residential School Crisis Line at 1-866-925-4419

The recent announcement by the Kapawe’no First Nation in Northern Alberta of the discovery of 169 potential graves at the site of a former residential school tragically and painfully demonstrates the devastating and lasting impact of colonialism and indigenous-specific racism.

The College recognizes that Indigenous Peoples and their communities, in the past, present and future, inherently occupy a unique space on the land and in the community within British Columbia and Canada. Indigenous Peoples and their communities have inherent rights and require acknowledgement of the intergenerational trauma resulting from colonization and racism. The College extends respect, dignity, and healing to the Kapawe’no First Nation and to all Indigenous Peoples of British Columbia and Canada.

To read more about the College’s commitment to Truth and Reconciliation and a culturally safe, diverse, and accessible Social Work regulatory system, please link below: