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COVID-19 Vaccination Mandates 09-February-2022

The British Columbia Provincial Health Officer (PHO) 09-February-2022 press conference indicated that we will likely be managing enhanced disease prevention protocols for another year. COVID-19 is a serious illness. Please remain vigilant to in your efforts to remain healthy. Disease prevention protocols include hand washing, mask wearing, social distancing and decreasing exposure to others through social bubble management. The COVID-19 vaccination is a key tool in protecting yourself and others against the impact of COVID-19.

At the PHO 09-February-2022 press conference, a Provincial Health Order requiring regulated health professionals to be vaccinated against COVID-19 was previewed. Currently the pending order only applies to those health professions regulated under the Health Professions Act. As a result, regulated social workers are not yet impacted by this order.

BC Provincial Health Officer information on this issue can be found at: Update on vaccination requirement for health professionals | BC Gov News

Note that a previous PHO Provincial Health Order requires employees of organizations providing Health Care and other services to be vaccinated against COVID-19, covid-19-hospital-and-community-vaccination-status-information-preventive-measures.pdf (

If you have questions how your vaccination status impacts your employment, you should contact your employer or contracting agency.