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Public Notifications

If a complaint is not resolved…

A citation is a notice that a hearing of the Disciplinary Committee will be held to review a serious complaint about a registered social worker. The citation will identify the nature of the concern about the social worker and is issued for serious complaints. A summary of the citation will be posted on our website. It is important to note that the concerns identified in these citations have not been proven.

What happens at a Disciplinary Hearing?

A discipline hearing is a formal process similar to court. Usually there will be three members of the Discipline Committee hearing a matter. There is authority to require witnesses to attend and issue subpoenas for documents. Often each party has a lawyer. This is a public process, but under some circumstances some evidence may not become public in order to protect the identity of clients or other possible victims. At the end of the process a written decision will be issued. A summary is posted on the College website.