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Duty to Report

In order to address the potential of social workers causing harm to clients, theSocial Workers Act now requires Registered Social Workers to report any concerns about harm caused by another Registered Social Worker to the BC College of Social Workers.

Section 40

(1) A registrant who has reason to believe that another registrant, in the course of practicing social work, is causing or has caused physical or significant emotional harm to or is or has engaged in sexual abuse or sexual exploitation of a client, must promptly provide to the registrar a written and signed report on the matter.

(2) Subsection (1) applies even if the information on which the belief is based is confidential and its disclosure is prohibited under another Act.

(3) A registrant is not required to file a report under subsection (1) if the registrant does not have information to identify, or that permits the registrar to identify, the registrant who would be the subject of the report.

(4) If a registrant is required to file a report under subsection (1) because of information obtained from one of the registrant’s clients, the registrant must use his or her best efforts to advise the client of the requirement to file the report before doing so.

When considering reporting possible harm by a client to others, please see standard 5.5 in the Standards of Practice.