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Standards Project

Standards Project

Consultation – June 2018

We wanted to hear from you and you spoke. Between February 13 and February 23 2018, participants provided opinions, thoughts and feedback on the first draft of the revised Standards of Practice.

Participants, including social workers, educators, government and members of the public connected with us and provided engaging responses that will ensure the BCCSW Standards of Practice are comprehensive, easy to understand and relevant to social work as it is practiced today. The BCCSW Board and Staff would like to thank all who dedicated their time and knowledge to the revisions project.

You can view the results here:

Draft Standards of Practice*:

Knowledge for Practice

Communication Skills

Culture, Diversity and Inclusive Practice

Ethical Practices

Professional Development

Information Management

Professional Integrity and Accountability

All components above can be found HERE


Purpose of the Standards of Practice

The BC College of Social Workers is revising the Standards of Practice. These Standards set the minimum requirements for competent, safe and ethical social work practice in the province and are a key resource that guide the Board in meeting the College’s mandate of protecting the public. The Standards of Practice also provide Registered Social Workers (RSW) with a guide for assessing their work and allow the public to know what to expect when they see a RSW or RCSW.

Why Revise The Standards of Practice?

The Standards of Practice are being revised to ensure that they are current and relevant, and to ensure that the Standards are comprehensive, culturally respectful and uphold principles of human rights and social justice.  The revised Standards of Practice will therefore replace all of the existing Standards of Practice because those principles have been incorporated into the revisions. Further, we will also be developing Practice Guidelines that will provide more detailed guidance on specific areas of practice.

For more details, please see Standards of Practice Revision Guiding framework

History of the Revisions Project

An extensive literature review – including journal articles and book reviews – was undertaken at the start of this project. International and provincial regulatory bodies’ Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct were studied and compared. Using the Code of Ethics principles as a foundation, information gleaned from these studies was incorporated into the first draft of the Standards of Practice.

In April 2016, a survey was sent to registrants. Revisions based on the results of this survey are included in the first draft of the Standards of Practice.

The work on revising our Standards of Practice is being done under the direction of the Quality Assurance Committee and in consultation with a Reference Group, consisting of Registrants of the College. We are grateful for their guidance and support throughout this process.


*They are in no particular order of importance and the numbering is to assist with providing feedback. The format will likely change in the final draft.


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