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Ten Reasons to Volunteer

Ten Reasons to Volunteer

A New Year equals new resolutions…Why not volunteer?
The BC College of Social Workers is looking for passionate RSWs and RCSWs to volunteer on one or more of our Committees. Committees, like the Board, work within with the College’s mandate of public protection on a number of different initiatives related to social work regulation. Committee positions are unpaid, however all costs associated with College business are reimbursed including those for travel and accommodation when required.

Top ten reasons to volunteer:

  1. Contribute your knowledge and skill to assist in enhancing the profession of social work
  2. Expand your knowledge
  3. Provide an opportunity to enhance the public’s perception of social work as a profession
  4. Advocate for social justice within the context of the Social Workers Act
  5. Acting in the public interest is integral to the administrative justice system in Canada
  6. Ensure Registered Social Workers and the public are treated to fair, objective and transparent practices
  7. Take an interest in the future of your profession
  8. Participate in the privilege of self-regulation
  9. Have the opportunity to increase your credibility among your peers
  10. It looks good on your resume!

If you are interested in a potential appointment to one of the College’s Committees, send a brief letter of interest and an up-to-date resume to info(at)bccsw(.)ca by January 12, 2018. Please include in your letter at least three Committees you would be interested in joining ranked in order of preference. The full list of Committees can be found HERE.