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Applicants without a social work degree

Applicants without a social work degree

Applicants considering making application under this section must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a related field and are advised to read the following section carefully with a full understanding of “substantially equivalent”.  Further, the College considers applications and does not advise potential applicants whether a certain future course of action will result in meeting the requirements. However, individuals with a social work degree (BSW or MSW) from an accredited program will meet the educational requirement.

Applicants that hold a related degree must demonstrate that their university education is substantially equivalent to a social work degree. This is done in two parts:

Part one: Related degree applicants must complete the Application Supplement 1 – Knowledge Equivalency Portfolio. Substantial equivalency must be demonstrated through university education in each of the following subject areas:

    • Social Welfare
    • Social Policy
    • Social Work Ethics
    • Social Work Practice
    • Social Work Theory,
    • Human Behaviour and Development, and
    • Research Methods

Substantial equivalence is not met if an applicant has taken one course or completed introductory (prerequisite) courses in the above topic areas. Applications are considered in their totality. It is expected that applicants with related degrees would present with substantive upper level credits.

Part two: Related degree applicants must complete the Application Supplement 2 – Practice Experience Assessment. Submit evidence of not less than 700 hours of social work experience. For applicants with a social work degree, this is typically met by completing two practicums as part of their bachelor’s degree in social work.

Applicants who are able to demonstrate that they meet the requirements of the foregoing will then be approved to write the ASWB licensure examination. For more information on the examination please visit

To apply for full registration without a social work degree, please submit Application Supplement 1 and 2 along with a completed application for full registration.