Continuing Professional Development

Registrants are required to complete 40 hours of CPD per year. The CPD cycle runs from November 1 through to October 31st every year.

Document your CPD hours throughout the year

The College’s Continuing Professional Development recording tool is available through our Registrant Services Portal by clicking Registrant Log-in. It is recommended that registrants read the material on this page prior to entering information in the recording tool. Learn more about CPD here.

To access the guide book and supporting information:

1. CPD Manual

2. CPD Categories of Activities

3. Peer Feedback Guide

4. Setting SMART Objectives

5. CPD Plan

6. CPD Example Submission

7. Instructions for New Grads and Exam Takers

If, after reading the material and looking at the frequently asked questions, a registrant has questions, please send an email to our CPD Support Account

Or, if the direct email link does not work, copy and paste the following address into the ‘To:’ field of your email: cpdsupport(at)

CPD Basic Submission Instructions
Having problems with the CPD tool?