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2024 Board Election Results Announcement

BC College of Social Workers 2023 Election Results for 2024-2025 Board Members

The following 3 individuals have been elected by acclamation as members of the BC College of Social Workers Board:
Denise Armstrong, RSW
Jason Lam, RCSW
Jacinta Slobodan, RSW

Thank you to all for their willingness to serve the College in its mandate of protecting the public.

Denise Armstrong, RSW

Jason Lam, RCSW

Jacinta Slobodan, RSW


I am humbly serving my first term as an elected Board member and my second year as a member of the BCCSW Inquiry Committee, presently in a Chair role. I am grateful to be a member of this hard working and dedicated group of people and I remain committed to actively participating in supporting the good work of the British Columbia College of Social Workers. 

A passion for social justice, aligned personal values with the profession and a desire to effect small and broad change brought me to Social Work as a career. Registered as a Social Worker since 2006, I am a graduate of King’s University College from the University of Western Ontario with a bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Social Work. I value our profession’s commitment to excellent, safe and accountable practice.  

As a Social Worker in Ontario and British Columbia, I’ve held roles in direct and indirect practice, consulting, education, professional practice, labour relations, clinical leadership and operational management. 

Experience as a Steward and a Manager have helped me attune skills in negotiation, think ‘big picture’ and make space for fairness and just processes. Seven years in leadership have provided me opportunities to develop skills in labour relations, human resources, recruitment, performance appraisal, program delivery and evaluation. 

I currently serve on the Social Work and Human Services Advisory Council for the University of the Fraser Valley and the College Board, including the BCCSW Inquiry Committee. In the past, I have held workplace and volunteer membership on committees for accreditation, workplace safety, university admissions, adult guardianship and mental health and substance use treatment access improvement for rural and Indigenous Communities. 

I am dedicated to being an active participant in moving forward agendas, supported by our College’s Indigenous Council, for change consistent with the College’s vision to enhance Indigenous relations and move toward reconciliation. With European ancestry, I am a 3rd generation settler on the lands of the Sumas First Nation. I am deeply committed to living, practicing and participating on this Board, in a culturally safe way. I accept that my self-reflection and learning will be lifelong. I confront racial bias in myself and in systems of care. I support reconciliation efforts and remain humble and curious. I work to foster workplaces and services that are inclusive and culturally safe. 

The pandemic, the war against Ukraine, the economy, have all exacerbated increased insecurities (food, money, relationship) for many Canadians and newcomers to Canada. We continue to see increased racism, poverty, job loss, substance use, mental health concerns, family and intimate partner violence and more people who are unhoused or precariously housed. All calls for Social Work. 

With your support to proceed to a second term, I promise to use my experience and skills to support the College’s efforts toward maintaining and modernising practice standards to ensure practice excellence and public safety, in a culturally safe way. Thank you for your consideration. 


Jason Lam works in the field of mental health specializing in trauma treatment. He is currently an instructor at Douglas College and owns his own clinical practice. Prior to this, he worked in community mental health, outreach, and social service settings for over 10 years supporting children and families. At the BCCSW, Jason has served on the Registration, Policy, and Finance committees, as well as being the Board Chair in 2023. He is passionate about strengthening anti-racism, cultural safety, and decolonization efforts in governance.  

Social Work’s values of Social Justice, Dignity, and Equity necessitate us to act as agents for change and improvement for individuals, families, organizations, and governments. 

There are many opportunities for reform, and I believe that Social Workers must be key advocates and contributors in that work. Our unique values and skills should be present in all arenas that impact public well-being. For this to happen, Social Work must be better understood and valued. If I am elected to the board, I intend to work to enhance the visibility of our profession and to shine a light on the important work we are doing and the work we are capable of. 

As a young person looking to choose a career, all I knew was that I wanted to help people. When I learned about Social Work, I knew I had found my place. I have since completed a diploma (Mount Royal College), Bachelor’s Degree (UBC), and Master’s Degree (Dalhousie) in Social Work. I have been a Registered Social Worker since 2008. My primary employment has been in Health Care, with additional experience in Adoption and Municipal Government. 

In the health care system, I have worked with individuals and families in Acute Care, Long-term Care, and Palliative Care. In recent years, I have worked in Regional roles as the Coordinator for Advance Care Planning and currently as a Clinical Educator in the Seniors Health Portfolio. These roles have largely focused on policy, strategy, and quality improvement. Throughout my career, I have consistently sought out opportunities for growth, developing counselling skills, becoming a Master Facilitator for the Serious Illness Conversation program, becoming a Coach in Pallium Canada’s LEAP program, and completing Health Quality BC’s Quality Academy. I am also committed to being a lifelong learner and listener in the work of Truth & Reconciliation, with cultural humility and safety as primary foundational values in my practice. 

I believe in the strength of our profession and our ability to make positive impacts from grassroots to government. I would appreciate your vote so that I may advocate for our place at all tables where changes are being made.